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Marissa Sean Cruz is a digital multimedia and video performance artist from Kjipuktuk (so-called Halifax). Their experimental videos use 3D modelling, sound design and costumed performances to study identity and value systems. Remixes of pop culture and commercialized products are synthesized creating alternative narratives. These humorous works aim to process a fast-paced contemporary present and envision possible, utopian futures.

Marissa Sean Cruz (b. 1996) has been displayed in venues like Xpace, Studio 303, Gallery 1C03, Galerie VAV Gallery and Struts Gallery and Faucet Media Centre. Cruz’s various projects have been displayed throughout the United States and distributed digitally through spaces like the Centre for Art and Thought, Canadian Art, Video Pool Media Arts Centre, Public Parking and more.

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RISS SEAN CRUZ ᵔᴥᵔ 2022 .....ɯҽɬ𝓬σ𝓶ҽ 𝜏σ 𝓶ყ ɯσɾɬԃ 𝜏ԋαɳƙ ყσu ⨍σɾ ട𝜏σρριɳց ßყ