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Marissa Sean Cruz is an interdisciplinary artist based in K’jipuktuk (Halifax) with a focus in video and digital arts. As a biracial Filipinx, Cruz’s work negotiates a layered socioracial identity in sculptural confrontations, conceptual systems and prop-comedy performances. Bringing together a collective of entities through evocative costuming, Cruz brings to actualization an animatronic pink puppy, a latex-laden alien and a pizza obsessed e-girl to compose an alternate landscape to the apocalyptic happenings RN.

Marissa Sean Cruz (b. 1996) is a video and performance artist whose work has been displayed in venues like Xpace, Studio 303, Studio Rialto, Galerie VAV Gallery, ThirdSpace and START gallery. Her various projects have been displayed throughout the United States and distributed digitally through spaces like the Centre for Art and Thought, North Fork Arts Projects, Public Parking and the Roundtable Residency.

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MARISSA SEAN CRUZ ᵔᴥᵔ 2020 .....ɯҽɬ𝓬σ𝓶ҽ 𝜏σ 𝓶ყ ɯσɾɬԃ 𝜏ԋαɳƙ ყσu ⨍σɾ ട𝜏σρριɳց ßყ